Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do I have the latest firmware?

I have had a few questions regarding firmware upgrades or more specifically, how do I know that I have the latest versions of firmware available to flash to my modules.
This is a relatively easy question, because the guys @ Digi decided to make it simple to update X-CTU's firmware "library" via some built in updater.
  1. Open X-CTU
  2. Navigate to the Modem Configuration tab
  3. Click on the "Download New Versions....." button
  4. Click on the "Web" button (This will download any firmware updates that aren't already in your X-CTU library)
Once X-CTU is finished updating, you can change the firmware on your radio. This is done by doing the following:
  1. Connect a Digi radio to your PC via USB or Serial connection
  2. Open X-CTU and make sure you select the appropriate baud rate and COM port
  3. Navigate to the Modem Configuration tab
  4. Click on the "Read" button (This will populate the white space below with all the parameters applicable to the radio. It will also populate the 3 drop down menus that are located about 1/3 of the way from the top of the window. The drop down menu on the right is where you will see new versions of the firmware.)
  5. Select the version you wish to update to from the right-hand drop down menu, put a check mark in the "Always update firmware" check box.
  6. Click on the "Write" button. (You should now see a progress bar along the bottom)
  7. Once the firmware is written, you will see a completed status where the progress bar was. Now click on the "Read" button and look to see if the new firmware version appear in that right-hand drop down menu.
  8. Your done!
See, that wasn't so bad. Now there have been issues when using an older version of X-CTU ( and older don't update from the server any more, but and newer do)